Cupcakes & Coffee Cornwall

• 5 February 2021 •

This has been an enormously difficult decision, and is something that we've sadly had to very strongly consider since lockdown no.2.

It's with an incredibly heavy heart that we are announcing the closure of Cupcakes & Coffee.

With lockdown after lockdown, hospitality restrictions, and enormous difficulties in sourcing ingredients, we have been unable to take orders since March 2020. This means that we have been unable to trade for almost an entire year, and have been maintaining the business from our own limited pockets and resources. 


As many of you know, Cupcakes & Coffee is a small self-employed business, and as a small business we sadly cannot continue on in this way.

We have been trying to ignore the need to close, but sadly we cannot ignore it any further. 

It is not a decision that we have made lightly, as we have put our heart into building and growing Cupcakes & Coffee over the last 5 years. 

We thank you all enormously for the support you have shown us since our opening 5 years ago, for the return orders, the many happy couples, and the surprise orders from abroad! We have loved putting our passion and creativity to use, and seeing the smiles it has brought others.

We hope to maybe return one day, but for now it is thank you and goodbye ❤